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North Carolina Criminal Defense

Life can change in the blink of an eye, and if you are charged with a crime, you need an ally to help mitigate the consequences. You will want to act as quickly as possible to engage the best criminal defense attorney: one who knows the North Carolina court system inside and out, and who will work vigorously to get you the best possible outcome.

The criminal defense attorneys at Dodge & Altamura have the experience and drive to help you navigate the complexities of the North Carolina court system, from posting bail and paying fines to serving prison sentences and managing post-jail employment and housing.

Get the help you need, when you need it. Dodge & Altamura handles the following types of criminal defense cases in Randolph, Montgomery, Davidson, and Moore Counties in North Carolina:

  • DWI/DUI: Driving While Impaired (DWI) is a very serious charge that can result in jail time, probation, suspension of driving privileges, and increased insurance premiums. You need experienced, knowledgeable attorneys on your side to fight hard for you—minimizing any punishment you may receive and helping you regain your driving privileges. If you are charged with DWI in Randolph, Montgomery, Davidson, or Moore Counties, call Dodge & Altamura, Asheboro’s go-to law firm for difficult cases. Let us help you get back on the road.
  • DWLR/NOL: Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) and No Operator License (NOL) misdemeanors can result in fines, probation, jail time, suspension of your driving privileges, and increased insurance premiums. Let Asheboro attorneys Dodge & Altamura do everything they can to show mitigating circumstances, reduce your punishment, and restore your license.
  • Larceny: North Carolina does not distinguish between grand larceny and petty larceny; rather, shoplifting, theft, embezzlement, credit card fraud, possession of stolen property, and breaking and entering all fall under the umbrella of “theft crimes.” Since 1999, Dodge and Altamura has been defending against the full range of North Carolina felony and misdemeanor theft charges. Whether negotiating a plea deal or defending in court, our committed, seasoned attorneys will protect your rights from the moment you are charged until the case is resolved.
  • Assault and Battery: In North Carolina, assault and battery misdemeanors include simple assault, assault and battery, and affray, which is a fight in a public place. Felony or Class A1 misdemeanor charges may be levied for assault with a deadly weapon, assault resulting in serious injury, domestic violence, and assault against specific victims (women, state or school employees, and sports officials). Many mitigating factors can influence the outcome of assault and battery charges; that’s why it’s crucial to hire an experienced, driven criminal attorney who can confidently navigate the North Carolina criminal justice system. If you’ve been charged with an assault and battery crime, don’t take a chance: call the attorneys at Dodge & Altamura as soon as possible.
  • Drug Charges: Drug charges include possession, constructive possession, possession with intent to sell, trafficking, and manufacturing. How you may be charged for one of these depends on the amount and type of drugs found; not all drugs are created equal! If you are charged with a drug crime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to provide the best protection possible. Dodge & Altamura understand North Carolina’s drug laws down to the smallest intricacy, and they will use their knowledge to help you navigate the criminal justice system and get your life back.
  • Probation Violations: Breaking the terms of your probation can seem all too easy to do. That’s why the attorneys at Dodge & Altamura are experienced at telling your side of the story and minimizing the consequences. North Carolina probation violations include failing to check in with a probation officer, failing to find employment, associating with known felons, committing a crime while on probation, failing to comply with a court order, and failing a drug test (or failing to submit to a drug test). Dodge & Altamura attorneys are your allies in court; they tell your side of the story, providing the circumstances that mitigate the punishment.